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TIGER PAW WRIST SUPPORTS protect your wrists! 1 PAIR

Price: $49.99
Item Number: TIGER-PAW


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Tiger Paw Wrist Supports Sizing Information

Tiger Paws are sold in pairs! Please refer to the table below when determining your correct size for Tiger Paws.

While sizing is not an absolute thing, this will be the best guide available. If you happen to fall between two sizes, we generally recommend that you choose the larger size.

 Size  Body Weight
XS Up to 69 pounds
 S 69 to 115 pounds
 M 115 to 150 pounds
L 150 to 210 pounds






The most popular gymnastic wrist support is now even better. Tiger  As always, they have replaceable foam pad supports, and each pair comes with two sets of rigid plastic stays that let you adjust the support you get from your Paws.