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LIMITED EDITION Bright Sheen Tricot 2020 2021 gymnastics Tokyo leotard Japan US Flag AS

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Item Number: M61 The 3.5 - 202one AS
Manufacturer: Level 10 Bodywear

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT an official leotard of any association including the USOC or any team, and no representations are being made in this regard. This leotard is simply inspired by the gymnasts who will be competing in Japan in 2020 and worn by the girls who revere them and want to pay tribute to them. This is an inspiration leotard, not a replica. No copyrighted trademarks, images, terms, or logos have been used in the design and all USOC and USPOPC brand usage guidelines have been followed.

PLEASE NOTE: Although the games (you know which ones, we can't use the word here due to stringent copyrights) are being delayed by the government of Japan in response to COVID-19 until 2021, they will still be called the 2020 xxx Games!


Limited Edition EXCLUSIVE You cannot buy these anywhere but here!

Bright sheen tricot inspired by the great city of Tokyo, Japan. A celebration gymnastics leotard, this US Japan flag design gym leo is meant to inspire.

Manufacturer: Level 10 Bodywear

Size: AS adult small (same fit as GK)


This exclusive design features the flags of the USA and Japan, a *2*0*2*0* star circle, and Tokyo on the back. This is considered the classiest and most patriotic, team oriented of the Japan collections! And its bright sheen tricot! There is a limited number being produced and once they are gone, they are gone! Pre-order yours now before they disappear!

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