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Disocunt Leotards DL Dazzler Ambassador

What is a DL Dazzler? => brand rep => ambassador => awesome girl!

Calling all active female athletes - including gymnasts, cheerleaders, dancers, and workout enthusiasts - we want you! We are looking for ambassadors of any age. As long as you are active and athletic you could be the next DL Dazzler! The search is open to athletes worldwide and is continuous – meaning if you weren’t named a DL Dazzler this month, next month maybe be your lucky time! So keep posting!


  1. Post a picture on Instagram of yourself wearing anything we sell (you don’t have to have purchased it from us), as if you were one of our brand reps. We look for pictures of high quality with creative posing. Some of the brands we sell are GK Elite, Motionwear, Alpha Factor, Dreamlight, and ACE. Take a stroll around our website to see everything else we sell. Your picture could be promoting grips, gift items, DVDs, deduction books, … anything we sell!
  2. Tag @discountleotards and add #discountleotards and #dldazzler in the post comment so we can see your photo.
  3. Although you may mention the manufacturer or another retailer in your caption, please do not tag or hash tag the manufacturer.


·      You must have your parents’ permission to enter.

·      Your profile must be public to be eligible.

·      Please do not send DM message or pictures to enter this search.

·      You can post more than once. In fact, this may increase your chances of being chosen!

·      You do not have to have ever made a purchase from us, but this will increase your chances of being chosen! We love our customers!

·      You can’t be a brand rep for any other leotard or sports clothing manufacturer or retailer  while you are a DL Dazzler – you can, however, be one for accessory items like air beams or hair accessories, for example.

·      Although you may mention the manufacturer in your caption please do not tag or hash tag the manufacturer. So if you want to say “look at this great Motionwear leotard @discountleotards sells” that works – do not type “look at this great @Motionwear leotard @discountleotards sells”

·      You agree that we can use any pictures you submit in any of our marketing, including on Instagram and our website.


  1. Receive one free gymnastics gift or gifts every month. It may be a leo one month, shorts and a sports bra the next, and grip bags and pins another month. Selection of what we send you varies from month to month!
  2. Receive shout outs via our Instagram page.


  1. Help us promote our brand on Instagram.
  2. Share 3 pictures per month wearing/using what we sent you and/or what we sell, mentioning @discountleotards #discountleotards and #DLDazzler in the post comment. Tag @discountleotards in the photo.
  3. Refer to “ #DLDazzler ” and “ ” in your Instagram Profile description.


When do you announce who has been chosen to be a DL Dazzler? We pick DLDazzlers continuously through the year. There is no set date when we will announce the next DL Dazzler.

Will you name any international DL Dazzlers? Yes, you may be considered if you live outside of the United States

How long is a DL Dazzler a DL Dazzler? There is no set time frame. The length of time a girl remains a DL Dazzler depends on how often she posts, and on the quality of her posts!

Discount Leotards DL Dazzler Ambassador    Discount Leotards DL Dazzler