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HandEbalm SAVE! one each of 2, 4 & 8 ounce jars medicated ointment treatment to prevent and heal blisters, rips , and tears.

MSRP: $64.00
Price: $54.99
You Save: $9.01 (14 %)
Item Number: HAND248

packaging and label differs from picture. Now in navy blue!

Save by buying all three sizes! You get 1 each of

HANDEBALM 2 OZ. Grip Bag Jar
HANDEBALM 4 OZ. Locker/Travel Jar
HANDEBALM 8 OZ. Economy Jar

- Helps speed the healing process!
- Soothes and helps heal dry, cracked skin!
- Helps to make skin healthy again!
- Skin protectorate, with continued use!
- Antiseptic!
- Meets FDA specs for OTC drugs!
- Contains Lanolin!

Originally created for gymnasts, Medicated HandeBalm Athlete Formula has become a preferred treatment for skin conditions such as skin rips, blisters, burns, chaffing, saddle sores, rashes, eczema severe and dry, cracked skin caused by the rigorous training routines of Gymnasts and CrossFit athletes.